Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Interesting things

The reason I am not sure that this is a good idea is because I'm not, fundamentally, a very interesting person. So why fill another little part of the internet with the contents of my not very interesting head?
The other reason not to blog, is that I have never succesfully kept a journal or diary in my life.

However, although I am not, myself, interesting, interesting things do frequently happen in my vicinity, sometimes even to me. And for brief periods of my life I have been able to keep visual journals filled with random images and quotes that appealed to me. (Especially in my high school diary, when it was expressly forbidden to do this).

It seems that a blog might be just the place for such self-indulgent reflections. What is intended is to document the outcomes and influences of my 'work', be it artwork or exhibitions, research projects, travel, or even, my 3 contributions to the species. So, please, think of this along the lines of a teenage school diary, with perhaps a slightly more professional focus (perhaps not). And I promise not to fill the anniversary of Kurt Cobains death with black texta.

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